Saturday, January 8, 2011

My 19 Minutes Survey

Susah juga jawab soalan- soalan camni ye...tapi siapa pula kata senangkan...anyway nei tag dari Princees MOMOY....thanks dear. 
once you've been tagged , answer all the questions honestly , No lying or Cheat-ing okayy ? :)

Starting time ; 0205
Name ; Nora / Ucu / Predictor
Brother(S) ;0
Eye Colour ; Black and white
Shoe Size : 5+3=...? (gorilla size)
Hair ; its secret.
Piercings ; not interested.
What are you wearing right now ; tracksuit and t shirt
Where do you live ; bangi
Favourite number ;3
Favourite drink ; lemon tea ice, milo ice, sky juice, hot coffee.
Favourite Breakfast ; pancake

Have You Ever ;
Broken a bone ; nope
Been in a police car ; yes!
Fallen for a friend ; never
Fallen for a guy/girl in a short period of time ; not yet (couple is out of my mind)
Swam in the ocean ; i can't swim
Fallen asleep in school ; every time
Broken someone's heart ; mostly (so cruel)
Cried when someone died ; yes
Sat by the phone all night waiting for someone to call ;never (i really hate receive the call)
Save e-mails ; important email.
Been cheated on ;nope

What ;
Your room like ; really not to say.
What is right beside you ; the door
What is the last thing you ate ; bread + planta 
Who ;
Who did you last yell at ; never yell, i m a decent person hahahaa...(really..believe me)
Who was the last person you dance with ; ........
Who last made you smile ; Colin Morgan (just finished watching Merlin Season 3 Episode 13 online)

Final Question ;
What are you listening to right now ; Speak Now by Taylor Swift
What did you do today ; As usual...
Are you the oldest ; i m the youngest
Indoors or outdoors ; both
Today You Did ;
Talk to someone you like ; No
Kiss anyone ;No
Sing ; Most of time
Talk to an ex ; Nope
Miss Someone ; Really
Eat ;Egg+ Hotdog + Watermelon + Persimmon + Bread + Planta (make myself bigger)

Last Person Who ;
You talked to on the phone ; My Mom
Made you cry ; My Family
You went to the mall with ; My Friend
Who cheered you up ; My Classmate..
Have You ;
Been to Mexico ;someday
Been to USA ;Not interested

Random ;
Have a crush on someone ; yes
What Book are you reading right now ;7 Wanita Hina & Mulia by Misbah Em Majidy
Best feeling in the world ; seeing someone smile.
Future kids name ; never think of it.
Do you sleep with a stuffed animal ; nope. I really hate animal..all kind.
What under your bed ; Nothing
Favourite sport(s) ; gymnastik..(just watching)
Favourite place ; Children's playground (i really love kids)
Who do you really hate ;Someone lied and hypocrite
Do you have a job ; someday...math teacher maybe...aminn..
What time is it now ;0224
with however long it took you to complete this
post as "My _ Minutes Survey" and tag 15 peoples :)
nak tag siapa ye...xpayahla tag...ok x...saje jawab suka- suka. tetapi soalannya agak menyentuh isu peribadi...agak sukar untuk dijawab. But this is myself..the true of myself.

p/s: jika kau x dapat menjadi bunga mawar..jadilah bunga orkid..walaupun terpinggir sepi tapi bukan cantik berduri. Jika kau x dapat jadi bulan purnama jadilah bintang kecil yang indah bersinar. Bukan dinilai yang menang atau kalah tapi jadilah dirimu yang sebenar...

aku mula mengarut lagi...tidur!!


DIRIKU said...


PReDicToR said...

ermmm pjg...penat nei..bacela ye..utk mengenal diriku

iniialahaku said...

gimnastik?????haha..sib bek minat tgk je..

YUL said...

peh, ppanjang gile seh,. bhs mt salih lak tu, huhu, btw yul follow ucu, hehe

PReDicToR said...

iniialahaku: ye tgk ge...nak wat o o..

yul: thanks folo..btw ucu use by my family only..

.::: Princess MOMOY :::. said...

wah...dah jawab
terbaik la dear =)
colim morgan yer. hehehe...

Sebab Mengapa HARIMAU MALAYA Tidak Boleh Ditukar Kepada HARIMAU MALAYSIA !!


echah mashuri said...

wah..seeing someone smile^^..sweet je jwpn tu.heheh

PReDicToR said...

jwapan mst pn sweet kan..hehe mula perasan d situ

Woofer Storm said...

memang sweet pun..hehee
tapi survey ni soalan dia agak panas kan??panas sy dibuatnya,.heheee nak kipas^^

PReDicToR said...

betul2 kate upin ipin

☆aDihAys☆ said...

mmg soklan die agak mencabar..
smbil bace survey diri sendiri..
certain bende xterjwb la..haha..
terer la predictor..
jwb bape minit jer..

TiKa LEh said...

wah, byknye soalan..trer2..

PReDicToR said...

adihays: sbb tu bg jwpn pendek je.

tika leh: ermm penat nak bace erkk hehe

YUL said...

oh iyekew? hurm, patotlah, huhu

She's retarded said...

mesti penat nak jawab survey ni
kan kan?

Cik Shag said...

Macam best sebab dia ada masa. Kiki. tak ada brothers maksud nya semua kakak lah ye? hehe.

PReDicToR said...

yup semua kakak...3 kakak

DiriKu said...

hooho..sory late...baru cek emeil...heehehe..interesting..gud luck ye bakal cikgu :D

PReDicToR said...